Booster Board


Angela Serrano

Booster President


Lily Ubario

Vice President


Albert Richards


2019_[08] August_Cal Hi Band and Color Guard La Habra Corn Festival Parade (127)

Tamra Ramirez



Marlene Gaw

Ways & Means


Rosa Uceda
Leticia Garfias

Color Guard Representative

2019_[11] November_Cal Hi Band and Color Guard CSBC Finals _ Huntington Beach HS (37)_edit

Daylene Ripley

Uniform Manager



Food Manager


Randy Pineda

Pit Crew Manager

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Parent Booster
Monday, March 7, 2022
6:00 pm-7:00pm

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*** Nominations from the floor are now open. ***  

Google form available above for nominations.

Executive Board Positions:

  • President ~ The President is the chief officer of the Boosters who, among other duties, will coordinate Booster activities and represent the membership in its interaction with the Band Director and professional staff, and act as Booster representative with school administration, school district officials, the Band Director and the public.  Works closely with the band director and assists with any duties.

  • Vice President ~ coordinates volunteers for Marching band season, overseas volunteers for concerts, and oversees various chair positions within the booster board. 

  • Recording Secretary~ prepares and publishes the minutes for all Executive Board meetings and all General Meetings.  This individual also keeps a book of such minutes including notes taken during the meeting as well as a copy of the published minutes and financial reports presented by the Treasurer(s) and Financial Secretary(s).

  • Treasurer/Co Treasurer ~ maintains the bank accounts, provides financial reports, and is responsible for the financial accounting of the booster board. Treasurer may also make deposits.   A co-treasurer processes all reimbursements according to the board bylaws, working closely with the treasurer. 

  • Financial Secretary ~  handles all deposits and incoming funds to the booster board.  This includes posting of pledge donations for given individuals in order to provide tax statements.  This individual also works closely with the treasurer.

  • Ways and Means/Fundraising ~ oversees fundraising activities and recruits fundraising chairpersons as needed.  The activities include the Dinner Dance, sponsor/patron program, and other fundraising activities agreed on by the board.

  • Corresponding Secretary ~  maintains communications with those outside the entity, including business partners, financial institutions, creditors and officers of other entities.  In charge of sending out thank you letters/cards to our sponsors.  

  • Corporate Donations ~ throughout the year, this member reaches out to businesses/companies for sponsorship, donation of goods and or services to help our program with events throughout the year. Log donations are received, and shares a list with the Corresponding Secretary to send tax deduction thank you letter/card.

  • Color Guard Representative ~ keeps communication between the Color Guard coach and the Board of needs and activities and also with the guard parents.  Supports the Color Guard activities and coordinates any necessary building/painting days.  Carries a first aid kit at all events that color guard must attend.

Non-voting Board Positions:

  • Food Manager ~ Food manages the procurement and distribution of food and beverages needed for the marching and concert bands.  Works with the Concessions Chair.

  • Concessions Chair ~ leads the concessions/food sales at all events (csbc competition, football games when it’s our turn, Concert on the green.  Co chairs with food manager on these events)

  • Uniform/Concert Attire Chair ~ responsible for procurement, inventory, and sale/loan of uniforms/concert wear.  Also leads alterations that may be needed.

  • Pit Crew Lead ~ leads volunteers to help load all instruments and props onto trailers/trucks for competition.  Also leads a group of volunteers to help set up and take down props/sets for football games and competitions during marching season.

  • Prop/Construction Lead ~ lead for prop building and any construction needs during  field show sets for marching season.

  • Liner Chair ~ in charge of setting up and taking down the liners in the stadium and at competitions if needed.

  • Social Media/Publicity Chairman - acts as a liaison and coordinates the preparation of promotional articles before and after events, feature articles, etc.  This includes taking pictures and coordinating event materials

  • Spirit Wear Lead ~ maintains inventory of Spirit wear items and tracks sales.  Gives monthly reports to the Executive board.   

  • Dine Out Spirit Night Chair ~ coordinate Spirit Dine Out Nights for the school year.

  • Memory Book Chair ~ works and collaborates with the student Memory Book representative.

  • Transportation Chair ~ helps transport props, instruments and other items to completions/festivals

  • Memory Book Chair ~ guides and collaborates with the student memory book chair.  Will work together to compose our memory book that is sold at the end of the year. 

  • Spring Diner Chair ~ helps by leading the annual Spring Dinner. Works with the board on planning.

  • Historian/Photographer ~ captures moments throughout the year and provides pictures to the Memory Book student and parent chair.

Maria Bautista

Financial Secretary