Estimated Season Expenses

The California High School Entertainment Unit is designed to enhance the quality and relevance of the high school experience and to be a foundation for your child’s success in school, college and career. A great program doesn’t run itself; thankfully, we have you! The California High School Entertainment Unit is a collective of student performers dependent on the voluntary donations and contributions of the participating members and their families; Boosters assist with coordinating fundraisers throughout the school year. We make every effort to keep the program expenses low while providing the best possible experience for our students.

Booster fundraising will help to pay for:


  • Purchase of new instruments

  • Equipment

  • Uniform cover bags/Hat boxes

  • Uniforms Repairs

  • Transportation

  • Competitions

  • Music rights

  • Equipment/Instruments storage

  • Coaches/teachers salaries

  • and much more,

    In order to keep this program running and available to all students.

  • Check out the different kinds of Fundraisers we have going on.

With a group this large, the costs are big! We are asking for a Donation in the amount of  $75.00 per student; this can be paid all at once or you can make payments. (All Tax Deductible)


This pledge will help cover the costs of:

  • Uniform dry-cleaning

  • Printed  music

  • Instruments parts and repairs

  • Pep Band T-Shirt

New Mailing Address:

Cal High Band EU

P.O. Box  4383

Whittier, CA 90607